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Digital Marketing For Automotive


Digital Marketing to Help You Drive Results

Automotive Philippines

Get more leads and turn them into customers!

Only 1 in 3 potential car buyers know exactly the vehicle they want to purchase.[1] As 95% of consumers use online as a digital source of information.[2] How your dealership or automotive brand adapts to stay relevant is the big question.

By maintaining your automotive brand across all networks, we create seamless customer experiences that increase interest, brand equity, and sales. As purchase consideration for vehicles increases,[3] omni-channel marketing is not an option but a necessity. Our approach in digital marketing for automotive and dealers focuses on making your customer’s experience personal from discovery to sale.

Createmoto identifies the right target audience and nurtures them in a path that follows a purchase. Using digital fundamentals, we supplement your brand-building efforts by creating digital bridges and information to guide them in a decision on why your vehicle is their perfect choice.


Facebook Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Facebook is one of the most powerful platforms for every auto dealership. A promotional campaign will gather a massive targeted audience to be filtered through a series of lead nurturing.

  • Boost organic traffic engagement by creating a series of captivating campaign performance
  • Get more leads by identifying your target audience with an enhancement of your campaign budget optimization
  • Nurture your audience by creating a series of ads to shape their buyer’s journey


Google Ads


Lure your audience by finding the right keywords for your campaign. Engage with your audience by generating the right content to lead their search effort into your sales funnel.

  • Focus on at least 20-40 keywords depending on your budget to create a lead funnel for every car or truck
  • Target at least five competitor keywords to divert traffic to your landing page
  • Track every single lead by using CRM: (HubSpot, Zapier, and Monday)


Website Landing Page


An effective landing page leads to higher conversion. With proper content for your site and with the help of your omnichannel campaign, you will create a lead vacuum site that will engage to help turn your visitors into customers.

  • Compelling content with a quality score of 10/10
  • Strategically designed content for every visitors to produce a unique nurturing experience
  • A lead form right on top of your page (80% chance of signing up)


Is Your Auto Dealer business ready to run a high conversion campaign?

Let us help you be part of the digital campaign revolution with our digital marketing strategies.

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