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Digital Marketing For Hotels and Resorts

Build and maintain your hotel and resort’s online presence to be visible to your customers when they’re ready to book!


The customer’s journey for the hotel and resort industry begins with searching for a place to stay in through search engines like google or social media platforms.

Guests are most likely to check hotel and resort photos, reviews and ratings before deciding to stay with you. Research also shows that 40% of consumers prioritize how instagrammable the potential destination is before deciding, and 85% of travelers use mobile devices to book, which means one thing, effective digital marketing strategies for hotels and resorts play a role in revenue generation and can either make or break your business.

Step up your game and use digital marketing to ensure that all channels are used to get the attention and attract your current and potential customers.


Facebook Marketing for Hotel and Resorts


Facebook Ads can give you the chance to show your resort to users in your target audience directly. As a result, lower your CPA and CPL by narrowing your audience interest to get the most out of your budget spending.

  • Reviews and recommendations are the vital keys to a successful campaign
  • Invite your guests to a promotion or challenge to take a selfie or 360-degree photos to increase brand awareness for your business
  • Supplement your digital marketing efforts with nurturing post to help your prospective buyers and turn them into customers


Search Engine Marketing for Hotels and Resorts

Your visitors’ search for the best ranking hotels results from algorithms and the quality of your content. Your potential customers sometimes search for the nearest location, and your hotel should be in the right place.

  • Register your hotel’s address in google map so that your customers can search and give relevant information about your hotel
  • Ensure that your website includes a booking system that will be easier for them to book anytime, anywhere!
  • Speed optimization and having a great server will serve your customers and potential buyers to stay long enough on your website


Tiktok and Instagram for Hotels and Resorts

These additional powerful platforms can generate brand awareness for your hotel and resorts to engage potential and repeat guests.


  • Post authentic, relevant and engaging videos on your channel
  • Invite influencers to reach more potential customers and repeat guests
  • Stay relevant by giving promotions and discounts to your guests


Are Your Hotel and Resorts business ready to run a high conversion campaign?

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